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Knowledge when and where you need it

Manifest® gives frontline workers instant access to step-by-step guidance from your most experienced technicians and trainers anywhere, anytime. Make everyone an expert by putting knowledge right at their fingertips. Device agnostic and scalable, Manifest is an AR work instruction tool that helps train and upskill your workforce, wherever they may be.

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Release notes

MANIFEST 2.5 New Feature - Dashboard: Easy access to everything to help you get to work quicker! Users can see Recent Activity such as assigned Jobs and authored Templates, view a list of their favorite Assets, Asset Classes, Templates and Contacts, or use the My Jobs tab to get a list of their currently assigned incomplete Jobs. Users can also filter by a specific Location to be able to quickly find just what they need. Improvements: - The new Jobs window has been redesigned into a single window with the ability to view Jobs by Location and Job priority, and filter by Job Status, Open Faults on Jobs, and see a list of a user's jobs with the My Jobs option. - The Locations window now shows an image for each Location as well as new icons signifying if there are IoT Alerts or Jobs with Open Faults at that location - The Location detail window now has a breakdown of the current Jobs by status, Jobs with Open Faults, and IoT Alerts at that Location. There is also a new Assets tab which shows a list of Assets registered to that Location - The Alerts window has been redesigned with a new layout and the ability to filter by Location. It also has been enhanced with updates for performance Additional details can be found on https://experts.taqtile.com








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