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Knowledge when and where you need it

Manifest® gives frontline workers instant access to step-by-step guidance from your most experienced technicians and trainers anywhere, anytime. Make everyone an expert by putting knowledge right at their fingertips. Device agnostic and scalable, Manifest is an AR work instruction tool that helps train and upskill your workforce, wherever they may be.

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Release notes

Below is a list of the new features and bug fixes you’ll find in this update: Fault Flags: - Added ability to mark a step with a fault during a job. - Added ability to access completed jobs and resolve a step fault, auto-logging username and date/time of the user who resolved Review Completed Job Mode: - A completed job can now be played in a “Review” mode allowing users to walk through the spatially anchored steps previously completed by the operator, defaulted to display any evidence notes left with each step. - Filter completed jobs to view faults only – whether in list view or review mode Custom Lists for Evidence Notes: - Added the option to configure custom lists as a new evidence note choice for any job template UI Updates: - When capturing photo or video notes, the note UI will now follow your gaze (right to left) and can be manually moved and pinned making it easier to access the capture buttons. Fixed Bugs: - Fixed an issue where meters would still be visible when using hide all if there was more than one page of meters for the asset. - Fixed an issue where images could occasionally not appear correctly in the window - Made performance optimizations that should improve the speed at which the jobs and job history tabs on an asset are populated - Made performance optimizations for when meters show current measurements.








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