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Immerse yourself in Curate for Magic Leap by Sotheby’s International Realty powered by roOomy, the newest way to design and shop for your future home.

Immerse yourself in Curate for Magic Leap by Sotheby’s International Realty powered by roOomy, the newest way to design and shop for your future home. Built as a visualization tool for homebuyers/renters and real estate agents, Curate for Magic Leap harnesses roOomy’s state-of-the-art home staging technology platform and the power of Magic Leap Mixed Reality to let users see how furniture and décor will look, feel, and fit as they envision their new home. Wear the Magic Leap 1 while touring listings to view virtual staging designs and interact with virtual products right in front of you.     How It Works  • For Agents: Virtually stage properties in Mixed Reality with one user-friendly, wearable device to easily visualize an empty space.  • Scroll through and select from the Curate for Magic Leap room scene library, comprised of beautifully crafted interior designs, to view to-scale room designs right in front of you.     Why It Matters for Real Estate Professionals  • Never show an empty listing - transform a home during a showing to meet your clients’ tastes.  • Showcase properties in multiple styles, functions, and layouts. • Eliminate the need for physical home staging. • Expedite and facilitate the showing of a home and the home buying/renting processes.    Why It Matters for Homebuyers, Renters, and Homeowners  • Overcome visualization barriers – see into the future while viewing virtual staging designs in Mixed Reality. • Avoid complex measurements and guesswork – see what fits and connect with your new home like never before.  • Simplify the home furnishing, decorating, and move-in process.    Curate for Magic Leap is an innovative spatial computing luxury real estate tool - envision, design, and experience your future home in immersive Mixed Reality.     To learn more about Sotheby’s International Realty’s visualization tools, please contact Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates LLC: atyourservice@sothebysrealty.com 

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Fully immerse yourself in a listing; browse and swipe through inspirational virtual staging designs, and easily scan QR codes that roOomy provides with your roOomy Virtual Staging orders while wearing your Magic Leap 1 to experience property-specific virtual staging designs right in front of you. Thanks for using Curate for Magic Leap by Sotheby’s International Realty Powered by roOomy! Tell us how you like our app! Leave a review or contact us at:  atyourservice@sothebysrealty.com








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