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makeSEA + Catapult is the easiest way to get user generated content on to Magic Leap for collaboration and sharing

Catapult and makeSEA allow anyone to share and collaborate using 3D content produced by most 3D design platforms. Publishing content to Magic Leap is as easy as: 1. Register and Create a Project at makeSEA.com 2. Export any 3D content in GLB or MP4 format and add it to your Project's Assets collection 3. Add Team Members and set your preferred sharing mode: Private, Public, etc. (!IMPORTANT Team members can’t see assets in Draft mode.) 4. Launch Catapult (this application), login with your makeSEA credentials Choose a Project to join a common collaboration space. Only Team Members can join Projects marked Private. For detailed instructions please see http://www.makesea.com/how-to Basic Controls: Conjure settings by holding the bumper button down, or making a fist in front of you. Click the gear to fix the settings in place. You will be prompted to anchor your environment before proceeding. The head of the virtual conference table serves as the anchor. The bookshelf of viewable objects is to the right of the head of the table. All participants can manipulate the objects in the scene. Here are two basic methods: 1. Place your Control inside the object, pull-and-hold the trigger, and drag the object to a desired location. Release the trigger to leave the object where placed. OR 2. Focus your eyes on the object you wish to move. Use the Control touchpad to articulate the object: -press up/down to push/pull the object -press left/right to move the object side to side -swipe up/down to move up/down -make a circle gesture to rotate -swipe left/right to shrink/enlarge The object will grow slightly when moved from the shelf for better visibility.

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Release notes

Version 1.4g (clownfish) A digital version of the Anchor image has been added to help snap-to the real-world anchor: the digital image will now appear overlaid directly on top of the makeSEA anchor image when correctly aligned and ready to select “Set Anchor”. If the image is not aligned, try moving your head closer to the image or shifting the angle of view slightly to help provide perspective. Make sure the Anchor image is sufficiently lit for it to be detected. All Settings preferences now persist on save/exit, except log display settings, by design. A dash symbol (“-“), has been added to the keyboard to support user accounts that contain that character in the user name. An alternate method to conjure and hide settings has been added: hold the Control Bumper for 3 seconds to toggle the Settings display. Using a fist gesture will also display/hide Settings. The “Back” button has been relocated to a more prevalent location on each settings screen to improve usability.



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makeSEA®, and Catapult© are a Registered Mark and Copyright 2020, by Omegabit, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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