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makeSEA + Catapult is the easiest way to get your content on to Magic Leap for collaboration and sharing

Catapult and makeSEA.com allow you to share and collaborate using content you produce. You can mix many sources, position them at any scale, and save each space for future recall. You can also link spaces together to take your audience through a series of experiences, or let them choose their own path from multiple selections. makeSEA works across XR devices including Magic Leap, HoloLens, and Oculus. Sharing and collaborating is as easy as: 1. Create a Project at makeSEA.com 2. Upload any 3D content saved from your favorite 3D creative tools in GLB (recommended!), STL, OBJ, or FBX format, and MP4 video, PDFs, images and other compatible 2D formats to your Project's Assets collection. 3. Add Team Members if you like, and set your preferred sharing mode: Private, Public, etc. (!IMPORTANT Team members cannot see assets in Draft mode). 4. Launch Catapult (this application), login with your makeSEA credentials, and choose a Project to join the Project’s collaboration space. Note that only Team Members can join Projects marked Private, and Catapult Guest users can only join projects marked Public. Everyone will observe any shared assets to the right of their starting position after anchoring their location. All participants can manipulate the objects in the scene. Scene content can be positioned, scaled and saved, so that the space is laid out the same when you or others return in the future. Combine saved layouts with auto surround video-playing and auto makeScene scene package loading to give your visitors a rich shared experience the moment they join your Project space. Use the Gateways feature to link spaces together for others to explore, or host your audience live and take them on a journey. For detailed instructions and release notes please see http://www.makesea.com/how-to

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Release notes

Release 4.0i "Featurelicous" - The Best Catapult App Yet! New in this release: Gateways for linking Project spaces together Savable Video Placement Realtime Greeen-screen/Chromakey Video Playback (Human Avatars) WebRTC Support In-experience Onboarding and Help Support with Dynamic Updates !! Please be sure your peers update to this version for compatibility when collaborating. Other Recent Features to Check Out: Guest Login Support - Perfect for Demonstration: Users can now join Public Projects and Examples as Guest, and follow authenticated Users to Project spaces using the Follow Me feature in Catapult. Audience Follow Me (to Project spaces) - Previously, Follow Me only worked for Examples but now works with any authorized Project space. Authenticated Users that are the Master of Ceremonies (MC), can bring other users along to other Project spaces using Follow-me. The users following must be an authorized Team Members for the destination project, or the Project permissions must be set to Public (is also required for Guest Access). Experimental Mode - Use this Preference Setting to enable experimental features in Catapult. Note that experimental features may be incomplete or unstable and are not intended for production use. New Experimental Mode: Bookshelf Follow-Me - Use the preference in Settings to configure the bookshelf to follow the MC as they navigate the Project space. This makes it easier to layout assets in large spaces by keeping the asset Bookshelf in close proximity to the MC. New Experimental Mode: Capture - Create real world digital twins using Magic Leap to capture mesh and materials data and submit them to makeSEA for processing into a fully skinned 3D model. To use capture, contact beta@makesea.com to have the workflow enabled. Documents show up on the bookshelf just like 3D assets, and can be placed and scaled for your audience. Whiteboards and Document Markup: conjure the Menu with the Home Button on your Control, look for the document icon next to the measuring tool. Select it to scale and place the whiteboard for others to see, and everyone will observe changes as they are marked on the board by any user. Whiteboards can be saved, recalled, and reviewed at makeSEA.com. Documents can also be sent to the whiteboard for markup. Catapult is also available for Oculus Meta Quest and Microsoft HoloLens: have your audience install Catapult on their compatible device to join you in your Project spaces across platforms. Visit www.makeSEA.com/download for details. What can you do with makeSEA + Catapult? We’ve added tons of new Example scenes to help spark your imagination. Check them out under the Examples button on the main menu. Save your work: The layout and placement of assets in each space can be saved by the Master of Ceremonies, and the transforms can be updated via the Web at makeSEA.com. Blow stuff up! Objects with multiple layers can now be exploded into their constituent parts. Parts can then be manipulated independently. Labels and Descriptions: Assets display label names and description details that you can easily update at makeSEA.com Livestream Video support is here! Use makeSEA’s Remote Presence services to produce real-time remote co-presence/remote hands support for any location. Measure, live: Look for the tape measure tool icon under General Settings. Tape measure precision has been improved and now supports toggling between feet and meters by shooting the distance display with the Laser. For detailed instructions and release notes please see http://www.makesea.com/how-to Contact us for a free personal demonstration: 800-803-1050 - info@makeSEA.com



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makeSEA®, and Catapult© are a Registered Mark and Copyright 2022, by Omegabit, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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