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A galactic ecosystem has been destroyed. In this new IP by Insomniac Games, players will heal a dying galaxy with the help of a mysterious Cadet Kit.

Do you hunger for excitement and dream of extra-terrestrial ecosystems? Do you like to wield sharp clippers? Do you determine your self-worth by how many Achievements you have unlocked? Then you’re in luck! Someone has made a terrible mistake, an entire galactic ecosystem has been destroyed! Welcome to the Seedling Cadets; the galaxy's PREMIERE cultivators of exotic alien plant life. You have been chosen from a whole bunch of other folks for that galactic green thumb of yours. One person can make all the difference. The universe just might be in your hands! Adventure awaits!

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Release notes Audio fix when backgrounding the app. 1.2 Updated for Lumin OS 0.96 compatibility. 1.1 Updated for SDK compatibility. Refinements. Bug fixes for existing issues. 1.0 After performing a scan of your intended play space, find a flat area big enough to place the initial bounding box and pull the trigger to begin. Your control will act both as your tool selector and active tool. Room scan can be accessed through the pause menu under the "calibration" tab if the collision geometry needs to be added to or updated. Local weather data and time are both used as factors in gameplay. Seedling intends to keep plants in the same real-world position from play session to play session. If your Magic Leap does not recognize your space, you will be prompted to relocate your plants to your new space. You can also access this feature through the pause menu under the "game" tab at any point. Relocated plants original growth will not re-adhere or adjust to room scan meshes; new growth will.








2.82 GB


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