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Grab your raygun and defend your home from hordes of evil robots. Join Stephen Fry, Rhys Darby and Lucy Lawless in this action packed shoot-em-up.

There was a time when we could have nice things. That time has passed - now all the nice things are being broken, bent and rudely busted into pieces by Mechanical Morons of the worst kind. Sent from across space using advanced science-magic, this robot menace has chosen your very own home as it’s first point of invasion - the gall of it! Fear not! Dr. Grordbort has the answer - rayguns! And lots of them. Take your pick and prepare to send those metal-munters back to the scrapheap. Play Space Notes: - Dr. Grordbort’s Invaders is designed to be played indoors, and works best in a living room or open, uncluttered space with plenty of flat walls and floor. You will need at least: One flat wall (4.5ft wide x 6ft high / 1.3m x 2m) Two additional flat surfaces (2ft x 2ft / 0.5m x 0.5m each) One clear floor space (2ft x 2ft / 0.5m x 0.5m) Starring: Stephen Fry as Dr. Grordbort Rhys Darby as Gimble Lucy Lawless as The Moon Mistress Made in collaboration by Weta Workshop and Magic Leap at Weta’s purpose built mixed-reality studio, Weta Gameshop, Dr. Grordbort’s Invaders combines the fantastical world-building talents that forged Middle Earth, Skull island and the slums of District 9 with the science-bending witchcraft of Magic Leap to create the ultimate raygun-blasting comedy-action game. Please update to the latest Lumin OS for an optimal experience

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Kia ora, recruit. Nothing to be alarmed about be we found a sneaky little bug affecting your ability to.. errr.. find your own world. Nothing big, don't worry.. nothing much to see at all, *ahem*. Carry on!



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