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DottyMesh lets a user scan a room(s) and save the results to the cloud in textured OBJ format. This can be downloaded for use in CAD packages.

DottyMesh is aimed at Architects, Engineers, Field Measuring, Remote Scanning and anyone that wants to capture 3D measurements for later use in CAD programs. It allows anyone skilled or unskilled to quickly and easily capture a 3D mesh of a room or place with visual help along the way. The Mesh is saved to a cloud storage for 15mins where it can be downloaded as an OBJ/MTL/JPEG zip file. This file can be used as a template for many use cases of design. These 3D models can also be viewed online via Dotty's web viewer called DottyView found at http://DottyAR.com. This viewer allows for simple measurements, sectioning animation and general viewing along with more advanced features such as remote collaboration and sharing. The user can then view the 3D scan in Augmented Reality using Dotty's Augmented Reality app DottyAR on IOS, Android and ODG R9s with MagicLeap support coming soon. Please contact Dotty at hello@dotty.com.au for an introduction to DottyView and DottyAR viewers for Enterprise along with a demo of how to use it with DottyMesh.

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