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Shape your reality with Spatiate, a collaborative art creation experience that exists in your world.

Spatiate is an art creation experience that exists in your world. Start building works of art on your own or with others using Spatiate’s multi-user capabilities. Experience co-presence by sharing the same virtual space from different physical locations. Immerse yourself in your work and save the art for later. With the latest update, users can now share their work directly online to Sketchfab or make it a persistent prism in Landscape view. Core Features: - Select from a wide array of colors, brushes, shapes, and tools to start creating - Save for later or replay creations stroke by stroke - Communicate with co-presence and voice from different physical locations - Collaborate with 4+ users at a time on Magic Leap One headsets.

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Release notes

Update v1.2.3 1. Fixed 3d model saves with spheres 2. Multiplayer fixes for saving AV settings of co-located players in shared world Update v1.2.2 1. Fixed error handling when backend server is offline. 2. Fixed undo stacks for networked players. Update v1.2.1 1. Headpose recovery - restores art in the correct location after losing & regaining headpose 2. Shared World Beta available on select devices - automatically lines up world spaces in local multiplayer (full beta access required, contact support@acrossxr.com for assistance) 3. Improved experimental size controls for file saves 4. Optimizations and bug fixes for image anchor tracking and undo commands Update v1.2 Early Access Features added which can be enabled in the Settings Menu: 1. Art Sync - in multiplayer, now share previously saved art with your collaborators, including the ability to synchronize art either manually or automatically between users in a session. 2. Size Controls - Manipulate the scene and draw from large or small scale for greater detail. Note that 3d files may not save correctly during early access. Fixes: Performance improvements on load & save. Fixed save & transmission of art strokes that were created with a variable brush size. Sketchfab export now handles color of textured flat brush strokes. Update v1.1: - Share your creations outside of Spatiate with new export features available from the Save menu. - Integration with Sketchfab, allowing users to upload directly to the web. - Developers can export 3D assets directly from Spatiate to be imported in Unity or Unreal Engine. - Export art to a prism in Magic Leap to decorate your space with persistent art. Bug fixes and performance improvements - Fixed issue where spheres do not transmit properly over the network - Fixed performance issues after a user leaves the room - Fixed physics issues including drifting buttons and menu items clicking each other



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