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Create, Collect & Play with holograms!, Figmin XR is the meta-App for everyone.

Create, Collect & Play with holograms! Figmin XR is a multi-purpose application for easily creating, discovering & playing in augmented reality. Anything is possible! create physics games, educational experiences, awesome videos for social media, storytelling, art, e-commerce and marketing, visualization, decorate your room, or anything that you can imagine. We offer a suite of built-in tools: * Search and import 3D models, animated GIFs and Videos provided by Sketchfab, Giphy and YouTube * Browse reddit and experience multimedia content in AR * 3D text editor * Create 3D & 2D models with our voxel editor * Fully featured physics editor, to bring your creations to life * Built in Voxelizer, to transform 3D models and images into fully editable Voxels * Directly import web-links of images, GIFs, YouTube videos & Sketchfab 3D models * Export your interactive creations as web-links or QR-Codes, share them in social media or privately Collecting is easy! You can save items and scenes that you or others have made, to later place them anywhere you’d like in your digital space. You don't have to be a creator to enjoy Figmin XR. For Play, Figmin has a built-in Physics Editor to bring your models to life. It gives users complete control of how objects will behave by adjusting their physical properties. You can even play in zero gravity! This is just the beginning and we invite you to be a part of it. We can’t wait to see what you make of Figmin XR!

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Release notes

Changelist: Update 8: - Reddit browser - Support for GIFV files Update 7: - Complete overhaul of the application - YouTube search & Import - New built-in scenes Update 6: - Quality improvements & fixes across the board - New UI style - Custom brushes can adjust their size and be used with the line operator. - New built in 2D brushes - Voxel performance improvements Update 5: - Search and import animated GIFs from Giphy - Built-in text label editor - Web-link Import of images, animated GIFs and private Sketchfab 3D models - New material type: Ghost - Configurable Sketchfab 3D model texture quality - Multiple fixes and improvements Update 4: * Complete Sketchfab integration, browse 3d models, save them to your inventory, give them physics, and publish your creations. All within the App! * 3D Model Voxelizer, transform your Sketchfab models into fully editable Voxels! * Physics editor lets you interact with any object now * Flat gravitational fields can have a direction * Fixes and improvements Update 3: * Smooth render style * New spatial keyboard * Login & Publish straight from the app Update 2: * 2D model editor, if you are into drawing try it out! * Model materials: Metallic, Unlit & Default * Model editor plays different operation sounds * Paint flow is adjusted by trigger pressure. * Control vibrates on collision * Performance improvements Update 1: * Import and publish entire Scenes! * New built in sample Scenes: "Alien planet" and "Marble run" * Create Text labels!, see instructions on our reddit page * Performance improvements



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