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Tour the world and recreate some of its greatest landmarks with PuzzlAR: World Tour, from ONTOP Games and Magic Leap's Indie Creator Program.

Forget flat jigsaw puzzles. In PuzzlAR: World Tour the puzzles are three-dimensional! Grab, move and fit pieces to construct your very own Statue of Liberty, Taj Mahal or Forbidden City. Each landmark brings unique and iconic surroundings full of life, color and sound, that will allow you to travel the world as never before. Relax by choosing your difficulty level or, challenge yourself to accomplish all the achievements. ======= ART STYLE The PuzzlAR: World Tour visual style is inspired by Poly Art, to bring a fresh take on famous landmarks from around the globe. EASY TO PLAY Grab and drag floating puzzle pieces to construct your replicas. Designed with Mixed Reality in mind for a unique gameplay experience. SECRETS Look around the scenarios and search for all the secrets. Can you find them all? AUDIO Sounds from around the world that play simultaneously with the construction of each puzzle. TRAVEL THE WORLD Let our stunning scenarios transport you to the most beautiful landmarks in the world. Note: Magic Leap is publishing PuzzlAR: World Tour, but PuzzlAR: World Tour was developed by ONTOP Studios. PuzzlAR: World Tour is also operated by ONTOP Studios and is subject to ONTOP Studios’ privacy policy, which you can review prior to download.

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Release notes

Controls to play: - Use the Trigger on your Control to grab and hold puzzle pieces - Use the Touchpad to finely manipulate a held piece - Release the Trigger to let go of a piece Objective - The goal of the game is to snap puzzle pieces into place by manipulating - Pieces will only go into their correct position - When you correctly place all the pieces in a level, that level completes - Watch out for hidden extras that you can find for bonus score








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