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It’s all about the ball - the perfect shape in the Universe. What could you do with it? Grab a racket and bounce it off the walls for a start!

The game lets you play with a ball in your room. For a start you could grab a racket and bounce the ball off the wall to get points. Try to keep your scoring streak by not allowing the ball to bounce off the floor too many times before you hit it again. Experiment with different difficulty level which not only changes conditions of Game Over (no. of consecutive bounces off the floor) but also how the ball behaves - the ball becomes more dynamic in higher difficulty levels. Try, which one suits best your skill as well as your play area. REMINDER: The game is dynamic and even though the ball itself won’t break your shiny new TV set nor your precious Ming vase you might want to fasten the wrist strap of the Control to keep it from flying around your room. PLEASE UPDATE TO THE LATEST LUMIN OS FOR OPTIMAL EXPERIENCE.

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Release notes

It's a new day and a new version of B-all One! If you noticed that the ball doesn't really respect your floor as a bouncing surface, this update is for you. The ball will now bounce off the floor more accurately. Enjoy and keep bouncing! :)








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