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The world's most advanced anatomy education platform.

AnatomyX leverages the latest breakthroughs in spatial computing to usher in a new era of health science training. Explore photorealistic male and female anatomy in exceptional detail, expertly crafted from real medical imaging (CT/MRI scans). Grow your knowledge with our built-in challenges or easily customize your own using our powerful creator tools via the AnatomyX Web Portal at www.AnatomyX.com. App contains imagery that may not be appropriate for all users and is intended for educational and reference purposes.

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Release notes

Version 18.24.0 - Updated Brain and Digestive System - Subpart Visual Improvements - Improved transparent part rendering - Anatomy Information Redesign - Specific Reset Voice Commands - Lots of improvements behind the scenes Version - Voice Support in Sharing - Remote Mode - New and Improved Avatar Visuals - Cursor Improvements - Improved Scale Handling - Bug Fixes For more detailed release information, go to https://anatomyx.com/ReleaseNotes/Article/0397ab43-39d4-46a7-bbca-26053b61651f Version - Near Interaction Support - Individual Part Rotation and Scaling Support - Exit Quiz Button - Quiz-Related Fixes and Improvements - Miscellaneous Improvements - Bug Fixes For more detailed release information, go to https://anatomyx.com/ReleaseNotes/Article/6fcf0a63-3a9f-4c31-b845-9c25fbd2dc02 Version - New Interaction mode Version 1.6.21 - Bugs fix - Better message for trouble shooting network error Version 1.6.20 - Sharing Functionality Version - Female info panel updated Version - Support New Web Backend at AnatomyX.com - Performance Improvement - Tooltips on the Control - Graphic Improvement








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