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The largest Mixed Reality platform and library for education and enterprise skill and knowledge transfer.

The EON-XR Platform is EON Reality’s flagship product, providing a mixed reality experience for users to learn, train, and perform better through modern immersive technology and spatial computing. Through the EON-XR Platform, users can partake in and distribute 3D models and environments to interact with and learn about in an unforgettable spatial computing experience. Seamlessly move models, assets, and lessons from a mobile device to a personal computer to the Magic Leap to provide full “hands-on” learning and training for students and employees alike. With over 20 years of experience in developing mixed reality solutions for major clients in both education and enterprise, EON Reality created the EON-XR Platform as a way to take the need for coding and technological knowhow out of mixed reality content creation — allowing subject matter experts such as teachers and industry trainers to make and share their own lessons without needing advanced development knowledge. Now that the EON-XR Platform is available to everyone, EON Reality hopes to use its global network of content and distribution services to make mixed reality teaching and training accessible, affordable, and efficient for schools and businesses around the world, regardless of location, economics, or societal limitations.

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Release notes

EON-XR for Magic Leap is a platform for interact and run lessons using spatial computing. January, 2021 update: Improvements for multiuser sessions October, 2020 update: Multiuser sessions can now also share the environment in such a way that the 3D world is placed at exactly same location for the users. September 28, 2020 update: - Change name to EON-XR from AVR. This is a total name change for the AVR platform. July 22, 2020 update: - Support for multiuser - First version of documentation, available here: http://s3.amazonaws.com/EONReality/downloads/AVRML/AVRML-UserGuide.pdf General information: Once you run the app you enter the lobby where you have a number of lessons directly available. Running lessons: The menu for when you play a lesson give these features: - Home: Exit the lesson and go back to the Lobby - Slice: Click once to start the slice, once you have a wanted slice placement click again to lock the slice. Click once more to remove the slice - XRay: Make the object semitransparent - Explode - Annotations: Show annotations that explain the different parts of the object - Animation: Run an animation in the object. This is not available for all objects - Teach: Hear the teacher talk and guide you through the object - Reset: Use this when you're lost to get the object at its original position In the Lobby you also have the following functions: When you first run the app you are automatically logged in as guest. If you have a paid account, you can also login as a user to any institute you have access to. How to Login to a paid account: - Select the Login icon in the top-right corner. - Run EON-XR on your mobile device and once logged in select One-Time Passcode from the menu. Once logged in you'll be logged in for 30 days unless you log out. NOTE: When you're not logged in you find the information about privacy policy and feedback in the sign-in dialog When you are logged in to a paid account you have a menu in top-right corner with the following options: - Logout - Open privacy policy - How to send feedback In the top-right corner you have the exit-app button



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