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This concept demonstrates how to use hand tracking to grab and move holograms.

Release notes

This concept uses hand tracking to demonstrate an approach to picking up a hologram and moving it around by holding it between the tips of your index finger and thumb on either hand. When the tips of your index finger and thumb are both touching the same sphere for a set duration of time (half a second) and your hand is in the C, pinch, or OK keypose, the sphere will be picked up. As your move the hand holding the sphere, the spheres position will update to the center of the gap between the tips of your index finger and thumb. If you spread your fingers apart or if your hand is no longer visible, the sphere will be dropped. Only one hand can be used at at a time. This is to prevent the free hand from obscuring the keypoints on the hand being used to pinch a sphere. To reset the position of the spheres and to cancel their movement, simply hold either hand up in the open hand gesture (hand up with your palm facing away from you).



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