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The world's most powerful enterprise focused Telepresence platform. Beame allows participants to converse naturally as if person, face-to-face.

Beame allows users to meet face to face inside Mixed Reality. Users can access their online dashboard in order to arrange and schedule meetings with others. When inside a Beame meeting, your body is represented as an Avatar of your choosing: - Your full body is tracked, giving you full presence, no floating torsos and hands here - Eye tracking gives you a real sense of where others are focusing their attention - Mouth movements through phoneme detection allows for natural conversations - High quality spatial audio means you sound as you would be in the real world - Hand gestures allow for interaction with assets, and nonverbal communication Users are invited for a world class Telepresence experience that is tailored to meet the business demands and use cases required to fuel the expansion of Mixed Reality at an enterprise level.

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Release notes

3.5 Brings QR Code Login to: - Guest Users via Beame Meeting Email Invites - Users with a Beame Account from the Web Portal



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