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DottyBoxing shows how 3D motion capture video can be shot instantly from a low cost Microsoft Azure Kinect and viewed on Magic Leap with interaction.

Release notes

DottyBoxing shows how low cost Motion Capture (3D videos) from Microsoft Kinect can provide a training and visualization solution. This can be used for Cognitive Behavioral Theory use cases like Virtual Psychologists as well as military and sports science where it's too dangerous to train any other way. Use the home button to reposition the scene into a new location. It should appear in front of you. Use your fists to punch and connect with the hologram boxer and you should hear a sound when you connect. Keep your hands up high, this is boxing so protect your face :) What makes it unique is it's a point and shoot solution for someone with an Azure Kinect device. There is no post processing or specialty skills required in shooting or playing back the 3D videos. The clash detection in this concept when a punch touches the participants hands shows that Magic Leap hand gestures can also be incorporated into more advanced use cases for 3D video. Dotty continues to offer these specialized custom development services to our valued clients. Please get in touch if you have a use case you would like to explore using motion capture from the Microsoft Kinect with Magic Leap 1.



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